Michael Jackson - top ten look a likes

Are you secretly missing MJ? Forever wondering if anyone could possibly follow in his immortal footsteps? Well ponder no more, for  I  have lovingly compiled a top ten Michael Jackson look-alikes list for you all!

Number 10. 
Love this guy, great smile and hair, truly capturing the spirit of MJ. Maybe a little less foundation next time!
Number 9.
 Navi, one of the MJ impersonator top earners. Handsome, professional and worth his weight in gold.
Number 8. 
Lane Lassiter is the name and his favourite place is las vegas. Love the outfit and the stance, worthy of any top ten MJ list.
Number 7.
Intrigued by this guy. He does resemble MJ except for the moustache and silly hair! Obviously at a lookalikes convention posing with a Lionel Richie wanna be! Is that Steven Spielberg in the background?

Number 6.
 Oh Carlo Carlo, whensa your Dolmio day? This guy is gorgeously MJ. Another top earner, love him!
Number 5.
 Everyone's favourite impersonator - E Casanova! Fully endorsed by Michael and very popular with the fans. We love him!
Number 4. 
 No top ten list would be complete without Mr Al Sharpton! Suited and booted, and not a pair of gold pants in sight (thank god) but he sure does have the moves. Very popular with women of a certain age!
Number 3. 
Numer 3 is missing in action
Number 2. 
Almost made it to number one! He has the looks, the hair, the make-up, could it be...
Number 1. 
 He was lean, mean and left the scene...never to return. Was it him or an imposter, who knows...
we still love him!

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